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CodeIgniter Development

CodeIgniter Development Service

Being a top-ranked computer technology development company, we have the technical expertise and experience to develop customizable, scalable and secure applications.

CodeIgniter is an open source framework which is most famous for it’s use for the ability of quickly creating websites and systems. It can help people create such web applications both with and without the use of third party plugins.


CodeIgniter can make use of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern, although only controllers are mandatory, while models and views are optional. Besides the rapid development possible, CodeIgniter is also known for it’s performance thanks to it’s small footprint.


The framework offers features such as an image manipulation library, FTP class, file uploading class, localization and pagination. Other things such as data encryption, full page caching, benchmarking, error logging, etc are also possible with the CodeIgnitor framework.


When the basic CodeIgniter installation doesn’t provide everything you need, there are packages you can install, like chat applications, e-commerce functionality and warehouse management software.


We have already built a substantial number of websites and back-end systems with the use of CodeIgniter. If you have a project and you want to get going on it or discuss, then please contact us!

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