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Back-end development

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Being a top-ranked computer technology development company, we have the technical expertise and experience to develop customizable, scalable and secure applications.

Back-end development is important for business with many programming needs. A back-end system refers to the administrator’s view of a system. For example for businesses the front-end is referring to the website which can be viewed by visitors, while the back-end is then referring to the area the employees can log in to.


Obviously, back-end development can be done in all sort of shapes and sizes, and there can be many different sorts of requirements and challenges. Some of the many examples of requirements are:


  • API communication with payment service providers;
  • Stock management between warehouses or between an e-commerce site and a warehouse;
  • Managing schedules for employees or for appointments;
  • Order and lead management;
  • Creating new pages for a website;
  • Creating new products for an ecommerce website;
  • Reporting via all kinds of charts, tables and graphs


And of course there are many more features imaginable. A good back-end system is set up while not only keeping features in mind, but also while making sure that all functions work well together so the system is stable. There are also several methods to make sure that the system loads quickly, such as object caching and database optimization.


It is usually recommended to take a standard content management system like WordPress, Drupal or Magento for smaller projects, while using a PHP framework for larger projects that require more functions and optimized performance.


We have already created many back-end systems with the use of both standard and custom content management systems, so if you need help buildings yours, then contact us now!

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