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APIs are application programming interfaces, which are basically designed to be used to automatically communicate between all kinds of software applications. APIs can be used for all sorts of communication, for example for ecommerce sites to communicate payments and refunds with the payment service provider, and further to communicate orders and stock amounts with their warehouse. Websites can use maps from Google Maps, they can display amounts of likes on Facebook, they can subscribe people onto their newsletter subscribe list and obviously there are many more examples.


The ASP .NET Web API was built from the ground up to provide developers with the tools to start creating their own API services. This ASP .NET Web API provides a set of default options to use, but also provides many add-ons to start making extensions to handle all the available communication. This API is the API of choice in the .NET development stack.


This API is also great in error handling, providing both the option to log errors or to send error messages. This can be done both individually and globally and it provides for a simple and consistent way to log and (if possible) handle the exception.

Security is also well taken care of with this API, since it has got multiple authentication options. Possibilities are for users to create individual accounts (this can be done with existing social media accounts), organizational accounts (Azure Active Directory, Office 365, or on-premise Active Directory credentials) and Windows authentication (Windows Authentication IIS module).


All these features make the ASP .NET Web API a great option for people who need to have software applications communicating with each other. We have the experience to make use of this API. So if you have a project and you want to discuss the requirements, then contact us now!

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