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ReactJS development

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ReactJS is a Javascript library which is mostly being used for creating user interfaces. So when you think of the model-view-controller (MVC) principle, then ReactJS is mostly used for the view. ReactJS is actively maintained by the people from Facebook and Instagram, with help from theĀ  open source community. For example, Facebook created the Flux workflow which provided for the model and controller capability, but this workflow really improved with the help of the community. Right now Redux has become the most popular state management program to use with ReactJS.


Still ReactJS development is mostly being used just for the view-layer, which is why it is often also used in combination with AngularJS. Additional libraries have been added to ReactJS in 2015, which also makes it usable now in Android, iOS and Windows native applications.


Some of the advantages of Javascript are that it makes for easy programming and that it can be used for server-side rendering, which speeds up the application.


Practicing ReactJS development, and to use it properly can be challenging though, especially at the beginning. And there is no simple way to use certain complex UI components with it, like lightboxes and datepickers.

Luckily we have the experience with ReactJS development and we know our way around it, also in combination with other Javascript frameworks. Contact us now, and we can advise you for the best solution for your situation!

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