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EmberJS is an open source Javascript framework and it is based upon the idea of a Modelview-viewModel (MVVM) principle. Two specific advantages of this framework are Convention over Configuration and Don’t Repeat Yourself. The first one means that while doing EmberJS development developers have to make less decisions. This way it is easier to correctly use EmberJS. The latter one means that you only need a single, authoritative representation of a piece of code in your system, even if you need that code in multiple locations. This reduces the margins for error and also makes for faster EmberJS development.


This Javascript framework can be used for web applications, but also for desktop and mobile applications. This makes it as one of the most versatile Javascript frameworks around.


EmberJS also integrates very nicely into large codebases, so if you have an existing large codebase, this framework will be an excellent codebase if you want to start improving it’s Javascript functionality. Luckily there are also about 4100 add-ons to provide pretty much all the functionality you can wish for.


We have the experience to work with EmberJS development, and we can also advise you if this framework will be the best fit for your project. So don’t hesitate and contact us now to talk about your project.

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