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Java is a popular computer programming language that is used for various purposes. Besides making websites and back-end systems it is also being used for electronic financial trading systems, Android apps, desktop applications and more. This makes Java a very versatile programming language. With this reason it is compatible with many types of operating systems. The Java development language is being maintained by Oracle. New versions are coming out regularly.


On their website, Oracle states that Java has five basic principles:


  1. Simple, object-oriented and familiar, which makes it easy to use;
  2. Robust and secure; it is easy to find and address errors while still building the system. Besides this, security features are actually built into the programming language;
  3. Architecture neutral and portable, which means that Java applications can run on a variety of hardware architecture;
  4. High performance, which provides for fast applications;
  5. Interpreted, threaded and dynamic, which are designed to make development cycles go faster. Further, lcasses are only linked when they are actually being used, which provides for efficiency.


However, it is also being said that Java is somewhat slower in certain cases and that is requires relatively a lot of memory. This is not a problem in all situations, but it does require you to make an informed decision about which programming language to use in which situation.


There are a number of Java frameworks available, the most popular of which are Spring MVC, JavaServer Faces and Vaadin. In case you are wondering if you should choose a framework for your project, and which one, then we can assist you in making this decision.


We have already gained experience with a number of projects where we used Python as the programming language, so we can help fulfill your requirements. Interested? Then contact us now!

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