Making use of the great potential of web development |
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The possibilities with the various coding languages for web development are almost endless.

Web Development

PHP Web Development Service

Being a top-ranked computer technology development company, we have the technical expertise and experience to develop customizable, scalable and secure applications.

Wordpress Development

The open source content management system that is now responsible for 28% of all web development. It originally has started as blogging platform but has become much more versatile, for example because of ecommerce plugins. There is also a paid version of WordPress. We can install and maintain WordPress for you, including the themes and plugins.

Magento Development

Released in 2008, Magento has become the most popular ecommerce platform in the world. It is open-source and it is being used by about 30% of all ecommerce sites worldwide. There is also a paid version of Magento. Let us manage your website, including it’s layout and extentions. We also provide services to optimize your all-important conversion rate.

Drupal Development

Just like WordPress and Magento, Drupal is also an open source content mangement system. Drupal is sometimes said to be a more complex system, but luckily we have the experience to help you with it. For example with it’s taxonomies, user roles and permissions and with it’s filters.

Laravel Development

Laravel is rapidly gaining popularity as an open source PHP framework. This is thanks to it’s great Model-View-Controller (MVC) based architecture with which you can build both websites and applications. Some of the fastest websites have been built in Laravel.

Symfony Development

Symfony is an open source PHP framework that aims to make the creation of custom websites faster and easier. It provides the ability for great performance and gives developers full control. Symfony has testing, debugging and documentation tools.

CodeIgniter Development

CodeIgniter is a PHP framework with a very light footprint, so it requires only a very small download. It does provide easy-to-use solutions and the possibility for very fast websites. We can create both website and web applications for you with rapid development.

Yii 2 Development

Yii is the PHP framework that specifically targets the development of web applications and APIs. It loads only the codes that are needed. This makes it a framework that performs well, also due to it’s caching opportunities.

CakePHP development

Cake PHP is the framework that is designed to be used for web development. It is easy to use and it has been around since 2005. Cake PHP makes it easier to code, thanks to it’s code generation and scaffolding features.

Zend Development

This PHP framework is built with performance in mind and even has it’s own caching engine. It is also known for it’s great security features, like strong password storage. It is using PHP-FIG standards to make web development easier and more stable.

Website Design services

No matter which coding language you are using, it is always important to create a great back-end system. No matter if you need good authentication, user roles, ecommerce functionality, reporting mechanism, data exports and more… we have the experience to get this done.

JAVASCRIPT Development Service

Being a top-ranked computer technology development company, we have the technical expertise and experience to develop customizable, scalable and secure applications.

AngularJS development

One of the most famous Javascript frameworks, among others because it has been devised by people who work(ed) for Google. AngularJS is available in multiple versions and has gathered a large following.

NodeJS development

NodeJS is an open source Javascript framework which is actually a server-side framework. This means the Javascript is produced on the server before it is sent to the browser. A number of very large corporations use NodeJS.

ReactJS development

ReactJS is a Javascript library designed to create user interfaces. It is most notably maintained by Facebook and Instagram, the latter of which is created completely in ReactJS. This framework is aimed to provide speed and scalability in web development.

VueJS development

VueJS is an open-source Javascript framework known for it’s scalability, but also for the speed with which you can develop codes. This framework is backed by Laravel and is easy to learn.

EmberJS development

EmberJS is an open-source Javascript framework that is easy to use thanks to it’s common idioms and it’s friendly APIs. It is most notably used by LinkedIn and it can also be used for mobile and desktop applications.

.NET Development Service

Being a top-ranked computer technology development company, we have the technical expertise and experience to develop customizable, scalable and secure applications.

.Net development

ASP.NET MVC is a framework specifically designed for the development of web applications with Microsoft technology. As the name already suggests, it makes use of the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern. This framework makes it easy to get started and is actively maintained.


APIs can be used for all sorts of communication between systems. The ASP .NET Web API was built from the ground up to provide developers with the tools to start creating their own API services. This ASP .NET Web API provides a set of default options to use, but also provides many add-ons to start making extensions to handle all the available communication.

C# development


C# makes programming simpler by using the Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). These two allow access to a programming object or method without having to write too much additional code. C# can be used for almost any type of programming and makes for relatively fast web development.