Quality Assurance to help your project succeed | Codemedialab.com
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Making sure the results of a project are always where they need to be.

It is one thing to develop your website, app or CMS, but it is just as important to have a good quality control. We have seen first hand how many challenges there are during development and the larger the project, the more complicated everything gets.


This is why it is good to be aware of the scope of a project and it’s complexities. But also to know about the interdependencies of a project and it’s database structure. Attention to detail is also very important when providing the quality assurance for a project.


For this reason we have several people who are specially trained to learn about the full scope of a project and to thoroughly test it. We provide some of the following services:


  • Testing a system over and over again to find technical problems and imperfections. This can sometimes be done with the help of certain online tools ;
  • Creating database diagrams;
  • Creating reports to keep track of imperfections and improvement;
  • Creating wireframes or designs with ideas for improvement;
  • Doing research into certain optimizations and new technologies.


Of course quality assurance is only the last stage of a project, so we also provide many other services regarding development. For this, take a look at our Services