Payment Gateway Integration

Of course every ecommerce website relies on payments from customers/clients to make a profit. That is why payment gateway integration is so important, and at the same time so challenging.


Because there is a lot of functionality involved in the checkout process of an ecommerce website. And on top of that, some payment methods are very international, while there are also country-specific payment methods. And of course, every ecommerce site wants to be able to accept all the payment methods which are important for their country. No matter if it is about banking platforms, creditcards, afterpay, Paypal or giftcards. So if you sell to French customers, you probably don’t just want to accept Visa and Mastercard, but also Carte Bleue. For Austrian customers you will want to accept EPS, and of course there are a lot more for other countries.


This is where payment service providers come in: they often bundle a number of payment methods into one solution, which are then available via a plugin, a standard development kit (SDK) or a custom integration. Plugins are not always available though and they don’t always provide all the functionality you are looking for.


This is where customization from payment gateway integration comes in. We can provide a number of services to make your integration with a payment service provider functional, fast and reliable. We provide the following services:


  • Payment gateway plugin installation and configuration;
  • Integration via a standard development kit (SDK) or a custom installation;
  • Programming refund functionality (if the payment service provider offers this functionality;
  • Implementation of a reporting mechanism;
  • Data validation and optimization to make sure that the likelihood of your customers getting accepted via afterpay is increasing;


So in case you need help setting this up, then please contact us because we can help!

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