Machine Learning

Machine Learning

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Machine learning is the computer science where machines can actually learn new things without being specifically programmed to do so. It is therefore a branch of artificial intelligence and although is is not yet used in many daily applications, you will start seeing examples arise sooner rather than later.


Machine learning makes use of large amounts of data to make predictions or suggestions. Using machine learning is not an easy thing though, because it is not easy to find correct patterns and because you need a large amount of data to make it work correctly. When used correctly, it can help your business create new user experiences, make more money by monetizing your data and reduce operational costs.


Some examples of where machine learning is already used:


  • E-commerce businesses can give customers suggestions on the basis of their past purchases;
  • Search engines start giving users more customized search results on the basis of their preferences;
  • Image recognition software;
  • Self-driving cars;
  • Translating languages;


We already have experience with machine learning, and with the software used for it. So if you have a project and you are interested in the possibilities, then contact us now and we can help you with it!

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