Google Analytics Integration to measure apps/websites |
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The best way to make improvements is with proper measurements. Google Analytics will provide these measurements.

Having a website and/or an app is often only half of the work: you will want to be able to measure everything that is going on and make changes on the basis of the data you receive.


This is why Google developed their Google Analytics program. This tool allows you to measure all kinds of data regarding the usage of your website and/or your app. It can also measure the data from your website and your app in one: for example when you have an ecommerce website and an ecommerce app that sells exactly the same products.


In the basis Google Analytics is easy to install and set up. You will then get data about pageviews, average session duration, bounce rates (how many people leave your website after having viewed only one page), realtime usage of your website and much more. You can see this as totals for your entire website, but also per individual page.


Google Analytics offers much more though, and this is where configuration is required. Google Analytics integration needs to be done in two ways:


  1. To be able to gather more information, you sometimes need to implement more codes on your website or in your app. This will then ensure that very specific data can also be captured, for example for remarketing, key figures regarding ecommerce and interactions with specific parts of your website.
  2. Configuration inside your Google Analytics account itself is necessary. This is where you can create custom dashboards. In the admin panel of your account, there are some settings which will need to be changed in order for some changes to take effect.


To make your Google Analytics integration perfect, we can perform the following services for you:


  • Install the basic tracking code of Google Analytics and create an account;
  • Create custom dashboards, for example if you want to see all kinds of specific data in one quick view (like for example all data regarding FB ads or newsletters);
  • Event tracking: this comes in handy when you want to see specific data about interactions with certain elements on your page, like the amount of search queries and what people are looking for, the amount of button clicks, video plays and all such interactions;
  • Enhanced ecommerce tracking; this gives you a great dataset for everything ecommerce related. Here you can start tracking the paths people take to go from their starting page towards the ‘thank you’ page. Do people browse around a lot, do they prefer to browse through the menu or via other sections of the website, which banners do people click on, where in the process do they drop out and many more questions can be answered in this way.


So in case you need help setting up or interpreting the Google Analytics Integration for your business, then please contact us now!