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Full Stack Service

Being a top-ranked computer technology development company, we have the technical expertise and experience to develop customizable, scalable and secure applications.

Full stack development is creating for example a web application in all it’s facets. This means that in full stack development we do not only build the actual application or website for you, but also take care of all the surrounding things, such as:


  • Purchasing and configuring a domain name with a domain name hosting provider;
  • Obtaining and configuring server space, possibly via the cloud or with dedicated servers or virtual private servers;
  • Database structure and management with both relational and non-relational databases;
  • Use of APIs for automated communication;
  • Programming language for back-end and front-end;
  • Design and quality assurance;


Obviously this leads to many decisions being taken, each of which can be quite important for the total performance of your solution. For example: do you want your website to be programmed in PHP, Java or .NET? What database software do you want to use and is it compatible with the preferred programming language?

Are you going for a dedicated or cloud server, and which operating system and web server software should you use? Should you get a backup server?


All these questions and more are going to lead to important decisions, especially since some of these decisions cannot be taken separately. We are even willing to give you tips and to teach you some things so you will be able to handle certain things yourself in case you would like to do this.


Luckily we have the experience to help you out; so no matter if you want help on just one or several topics, or if you need help in the full stack development, contact us and we’ll make sure to help you out!

And if you need more information about some of the specific services we offer, then please visit our Services page.

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