Computer Vision

Computer Vision

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Computer vision is the automation of the way computers handle visual imput, like images and videos. This input is then processed by the computer for various purposes, ranging from personal to business to governmental purposes. Obviously this is not easy, since the computer will receive a lot of information and it will need to give a meaning to this information with the help of geometry, physics and statistics.


A personal example of that computer vision can use an image of a person’s face and start use facial recognition and 3D-modelling to make the desired changes to this person’s looks.

Of course there are also business purposes to computer vision. Some very nice examples are:


  • Quality control, for example with vegetables and fruit;
  • Sorting a products on a conveyor belt, such as postal packages;
  • Recognizing customers in stores, so you can identify high value customers nut also notorious thieves.


And finally governments can also make use of computer vision, for example to recognize suspicious bags that seem to have been left behind, but also for traffic patterns and traffic jams.


So it is clear that computer vision already has got many real world applications, which number is only going to increase over the years. We have already gained experience with a number of projects where we used computer vision, so we can help fulfill your requirements. Interested? Then contact us now!

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