Cloud Computing (AWS)

Cloud computing is rapidly growing in popularity. It gives you server hardware and software capacity on-demand. This saves you the trouble of procuring, maintaining and planning for the usage of these services. Because the advantage is that you only pay as your are using these services. Compare this to having your own server, where you will be responsible for keeping your own software up to date, and where basically you have to keep the same amount of hardware all year around, while mostly you don’t nearly use all of it. With cloud computing you can easily upscale and downscale.


Besides these advantages of cloud computing, it is very important to make sure your data is stored securely and redundantly. You don’t want to find out that your data has been hacked, or that a fire has destroyed all your data.

We understand these concerns, and therefore we provide the following services:


  • Cloud server capacity (Infrastructure as a service);
  • Online data storage, including safety measures;
  • Data back-ups, to keep your data safe in case of catastrophes;
  • Cloud based applications (software as a service);
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) for faster loading of your website;

And if you need more services besides that, like the configuration of websites on the server or ssl certificate installation, we are able to help out as well!

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