The story of Codemedialab - our work and values |
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The story of Codemedialab

The story of Codemedialab goes back with an experience with the IT industry since 7 years . In the earlier years we dealt mostly with Web and Mobile Development, which at first focused mostly on the development of websites and back-end systems and also on search engine optimization. Soon however, this also turned into specific attention to mobile devices with the development of mobile apps.


We are very much interested in exploring new technologies. Currently we are also seriously targeting Virtual Reality (like computer games), Augmented Reality, Big Data and Machine Learning. We have completed hundreds projects in our past experience which include mobile apps, mobile games, pc games, websites on different technologies and so on. We also find it very important to keep developing ourselves. On the one hand, this is by making sure we are up to date regarding the latest technologies such as machine learning and blockchain technology. On the other hand also regarding new versions of PHP and Javascript frameworks, but also about changes in web development, such as the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This way we always strive to be able to provide you with a proper solution that fits your requirements.


As Codemedialab we want to give you more than only promises about quality and timely delivery of projects. As we know, it is always difficult for clients to take the step to actually hire a development agency and give this agency access to their system. We understand, since several of our members have had several years of experience being on the client side. This is why we would like to come into contact with you. That way we can get to know each other, because we understand that trust needs to be earned. We are open to daily communication, because we know that good and timely communication is vital when it comes to computer development projects.


And to be able to understand clients from all kinds of countries, Codemedialab is actually a partnership between Indian and European shareholders. This way we can provide you cost-effective solutions with a modern style management and administration. And if you would like to know more about us, then please Contact us!