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What We Offer

We provide developing scalable websites for hosting via intranet/internet. Includes; web design, client-side and server-side scripting, network security configuration & web content and layout development

We focus on program development in particular platforms and devices so apps can interact with Operating System features and other software installed. We will also provide downloadability and maintenance of the apps, both for desktop and mobile devices.

Incorporating Virtual Reality by creating a completely new, immersive environment and Augmented Reality by utilizing an already existing environment to create a playing field within using bio-sensing for 3D interaction.

To custom build a game application in 2D or 3D that is completely in line with your unique taste and specifications. This development can include the design and sound effects, animation, building and testing of the game.

Online data storage that provides both security of all your important information and also redundancy in case you need to recover your data. This service will be provided with top of the line performance.

With user experience (UX) development we will do the research into your requirements and we will make your design. The user interface (UI) development will then translate this design into a layout that is compatible with various browsers and devices.

Making your business known online, via marketing in social media, newsletters and various search engines. This can be done via various ad types, such as text ads, images and videos.

Increasing awareness of your business in both social media and search engines. This can be done with specific content writing, technical improvements and getting more links to your website.

Thoroughly testing your website, apps and/or games to look for bugs and technical imperfections but also for optimizations to improve performance.`We will provide a detailed report, not only with the imperfections but also with advise how to make improvements.

Working with data sets that are so large that they cannot be processed by regular database processing software. We help your business reach out to the audience with IOT applications for modern hardware connected systems.

The bread and butter of any ecommerce business. Flawless payment gateway integration, both custom built or with the use of a default plugin (if available). Functionality can provide not only regular payments, but also refunds and reporting.

Providing measurement of your website or app via the toolkit of Google Analytics. Our services include installation of basic tracking codes, but also extentions for event tracking and enhanced ecommerce tracking. We can also set up dashboards inside your Google Analytics account.

Machine learning lets computers learn new things without being specifically programmed to do so. For this it needs large datasets to be able to make predictions and suggestions. Examples of machine learning are becoming more apparent in every day life.

Computer vision is the technology where computers get visual input from images or videos, which they then interpret and they will make decisions accordingly. Computer vision is under rapid development and there are already many possibilities in every day usage.

Sometimes you don’t need just help in one part of your web application, but you need help with it all. From obtaining and configuring a server, setting up domain names, setting up and configuring databases, designing building and then testing the applications… we are here to help you with it all!

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